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       "Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien

     A central focus of my theory and practice is to help my patients recover a sense of freedom and choice in relationship to others and to the self. Being able to live fully, in spite of your circumstances, is possible. The work we do together will be to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to discover what kind of life you wish to have, and what has prevented you from living fully, whether it be unrecovered/unresolved loss, trauma, or wounds that won’t heal.


     Part of the work I do is to listen closely for aspects of your unique self that have not been given freedom of expression, both in your internal and external world. These unexpressed aspects of yourself can result in relational struggles, and despair, which can feel quite permanent.


     Psychotherapy may be helpful if you feel depressed, anxious, restless or fearful, you struggle to feel happy, your relationship with your spouse/significant other feels hopeless, you are sad because of a loss, and/or you have a secret, a thought, or a behavior that is causing you or a loved one grief or distraction.




                   Why seek therapy? And how does it work?



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